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Our four bears are brothers Neo and Nilas, and brother and sister Albie and Gemini. They live in Bear Wood alongside our wolves, lynxes and wolverines.

Fun Fact

Over winter, our bears enter a light form of hibernation called torpor to save energy during the colder months.


Once found roaming British woodland 10,000 years ago, brown bears no longer exist in Britain.

The IUCN classifies European brown bears as Least Concern, which means there is currently a low risk of extinction in the wild. However, their habitat is disappearing across their range with human-wildlife conflicts one of the main threats.


Bear Wood tells the story of British woodland from 8,000 BC to the present day.

Winding through 7.5 acres of ancient woodland on raised walkways, watch our magnificent bears as they roam below. And they’re not alone! Wolves, lynxes and wolverines also live beneath the leafy branches – all native British species lost over time, now brought back in one spectacular immersive experience.

Today only 2% of Britain’s ancient woodland has survived being cut down, and offers a vital habitat for threatened species such as tawny owls and hedgehogs.

Visit the bears at Bristol Zoo Project

See Albie, Gemini, Neo and Nilas in Bear Wood alongiside the lynxes, wolves and wolverines.