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A village weaver perching on a branch with a piece of grass in its peak. It has bright red eyes and a yellow head.A close-up of an ostrich facing left.

We have 6 species of birds currently on show at the zoo. These are ostrich, Mindanao bleeding-heart dove, Socorro dove, Mauritian pink pigeon, African village weaver and Visayan tarictic hornbill.

Our two ostriches, Mary and Drummer, live by the entrance to the site. You can find the other bird species in the Walled Garden, along with the meerkats.

Fun Fact

African village weavers make amazing ball-shaped nests – look out for them in the trees in their aviary during their breeding season. Males weave the nests to attract a female and will destroy the nests that didn’t attract a mate!

A visayan tarictic hornbill perching on a branch. It has a large brown bill, black wings, and an orange and cream chest.


A number of our bird species are classified as Vulnerable, Endangered, Critically Endangered and Extinct in the Wild by the IUCN and are part of conservation breeding programmes.

We initially have common ostriches to give our keepers experience working with these birds and their young. We are then planning to change these for the Critically Endangered red-necked ostrich, which we will breed for conservation purposes.

A close-up of an ostrich facing the camera.


You can see the birds in their aviaries in the walled garden. They have varied vegetation and places to hide if they want to, plus plenty of perches.

The ostriches have an area by the entrance of the site, with sandy ground to dig in and fresh grass at the back of the area to graze.

Visit the Birds at Bristol Zoo Project

You can catch the ostrich talk at weekends and school holidays at 10.30am.