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An eland in side profile with its mouth open against a background of trees

We currently have one eland, Arron. Common elands are found across southern and Eastern Africa, often in large herds. You can see our eland in the Bénoué area, with the giraffes and zebras.

Fun Fact

Elands sometimes appear to change colour as they age. Their coat thins which allows their black skin to show through, making them look darker! They are also one of the largest antelope species.

An eland looking towards the camera. It has distinctive spiral horns.


The common eland is considered Least Concern by the IUCN, meaning the risk of extinction in the wild is low.


Arron lives in the Bénoué area, with the giraffes and zebras. The rocky substrate helps keep all the animals’ hooves healthy. The landscaped hills in the area are also a favourite with the eland, giving him a better vantage point.

Visit the eland at Bristol Zoo Project

See Arron as well as giraffes, wolves and more at our conservation zoo.