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Three giraffe eat leaves off a tree.

Our three giraffes, Tom, Tico and Dayo, all live in the Bénoué National Park area, alongside the cheetahs, zebras and eland. Catch the giraffe talk every day at 12pm.

Fun Fact

A giraffe’s tongue can grow up to 18 inches long! In combination with their height, their tongues help them reach high-up vegetation that other terrestrial animals can’t.


There are 9 recognised subspecies of giraffe. We work to conserve the Critically Endangered Kordofan giraffe in the Bénoué National Park in Cameroon. We monitor populations of giraffe and other species and work with local authorities to tackle poaching.

Learn more about our conservation work here.

A busy area with lots of visitors surrounding a giraffe enclosure, where a giraffe is eating leaves off a tree.


The ground of the Bénoué area is a rocky substrate that helps keep the giraffes’, eland’s and zebras’ hooves healthy. There are raised feeding points level with the walkway, and in the giraffe house – at the level the giraffes would eat from trees in the wild. This encourages their natural behaviour and allows visitors to get up close to them! Please don’t feed our giraffes, they’re on a special diet and anything extra might make them seriously ill.

Visit the giraffes at Bristol Zoo Project

Catch the giraffe talk every day at 12pm.