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We have a male and female Eurasian lynx at Bristol Zoo Project; Zone and Loka. They live in our award-winning Bear Wood habitat alongside the bears, wolves and wolverines.

Fun Fact

Lynxes have built-in “snowshoes”, as their toes naturally splay when their feet hit the ground, giving them better grip on snow and ice and keeping them stable when on the move!


Lynxes are now extinct in Britain, although they are found in the wild across Europe and Central Asia. Their conservation status is Least Concern.

A lynx sitting on a wooden shelf on a tree in the woods.


Our two lynxes live in Bear Wood alongside bears, wolves and wolverines, as they would have done in British woodland 10,000 years ago. Their habitat contains lots of natural enrichment, with lots of shrubbery to hide within, trees to climb, and wooden platforms to sunbathe and watch visitors go by.

Visit the lynxes at Bristol Zoo Project

Catch the Bear Wood talk every day at 11.15am.