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A meerkat looking to the right.

We have an all-male group of 4 meerkats at Bristol Zoo Project, within the Walled Garden.

Fun Fact

When you see a meerkat standing tall on its hind legs, it’s acting as a ‘sentry’ to look out for potential dangers. If it sees any predators, it’ll let out a high-pitched noise to warn the rest of the group!


Meerkats are classed as ‘Least Concern’ by the IUCN, which means that they’re not in danger of extinction in the wild.


Our ‘mob’ of meerkats have an outdoor space to explore as well as an indoor area complete with a heated insulated box and heat lamps for basking under when it’s too chilly to go outside!

Visit the meerkats at Bristol Zoo Project

Catch the Meerkat Talk & Feed every day at 3.15pm.