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Philippine spotted deer

A spotted deer looks at the camera in between leaves.

We have a male and female Philippine spotted deer at Bristol Zoo Project, named Eugene and Pandora.

Fun Fact

These small deer are nocturnal and come out at dusk to feed. However, quiet and patient visitors are often lucky enough to see them during the day!


Philippine spotted deer are thought to be the rarest deer species in the world, and are classed as endangered by the IUCN.

Their biggest threats in the wild are habitat loss and illegal poaching. At Bristol Zoo Project, we’re part of a breeding programme to secure a future for this species.


Eugene and Pandora live in a habitat next to the Lemur Walkthrough. The deer enjoy eating the browse that keeper hang around the enclosure for them, which provides natural enrichment.

Visit the spotted deer at Bristol Zoo Project

You can find their habitat next to the Lemur Walkthrough.