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Red river hog

A red river hog has its nose to the woods floor.

We have two red river hogs at Bristol Zoo Project, male Ekundu and female Laña. They live in a large habitat next to the Congo Bongo play area.

Read about Laña's recent arrival.

Fun Fact

Male red river hogs have two large warts on their snout. These help to protect their tusks when they fight for dominance with other males.


Red river hogs are classed as Least Concern by the IUCN, which means they’re not in danger of extinction in the wild, although many are hunted for food throughout their range. The species can be found in two of our in-situ conservation programmes.


Our red river hogs have a large habitat at Bristol Zoo Project with lots of shrubbery and tree roots to rummage around in and provide natural enrichment.

Visit Ekundu and Laña at Bristol Zoo Project

You can find the red river hogs next to the Benoue National Park area.