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There are four wolves at Bristol Zoo Project; brothers Forty, Socks, Loki and Faolin. They live in the award-winning Bear Wood habitat.

Fun Fact

Like humans, all wolves have their own voices and can recognise each other by their howls, which can be heard up to 15km away – this means you might hear our wolves howling from the other side of the Severn Bridge!


Wolves are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN, which means they’re not in danger of extinction in the wild.

However, like all of the animals in Bear Wood, the species has now been extinct in Britain for thousands of years due to hunting.


Our wolf pack lives in the same area of Bear Wood as the four bears, sharing a habitat as they would in the wild.

Although the wolves sometimes tease the bears by sneaking up behind them, the two species live harmoniously alongside each other, and enjoy acres of space to roam.

Visit the wolves at Bristol Zoo Project

You can find our wolf pack in Bear Wood alongside bears, lynxes and wolverines.