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A wolverine sitting on a slat looking at the camera in between plants.

There is a family of four wolverines at Bristol Zoo Project; Alice and her triplets, Scottie, Ingrid and Otto.

Fun Fact

In the wild, wolverines like to mask their own scent by rolling in things like deer poo. At the zoo, our keepers spray the logs around their habitat with perfume so the wolverines can rub against them in order to exhibit this natural behaviour!


Wolverines are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN, which means they’re not in danger of extinction in the wild.

However, the Eurasian population is classified as vulnerable.

A wolverine peeking through two tree trunks.


Our family of wolverines live alongside bears, wolves and lynxes in our award-winning Bear Wood habitat.

See if you can spot them climbing a tree or running between their dens as you wander along the treetop walkway!

Visit the wolverines at Bristol Zoo Project

Catch the Bear Wood talk every day at 11.15am.