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Our two Grant’s zebras, Peter and Florence, live in the Benoue National Park area alongside the eland and giraffes.

Fun Fact

Zebra skin is black, so zebras are actually black with white stripes!

A zebra standing out on the plains. It is facing the camera.


Grant’s zebras are classified as Near Threatened by the IUCN.

Across Central Africa, where they live in the wild, their biggest threats are habitat loss and illegal hunting.

A close-up shot of a zebra in its enclosure.


The two zebras at Bristol Zoo Project live in the same habitat as our eland and giraffes, mirroring how they would mix in the African plains.

The zebras can sometimes be seen inside the Giraffe House cleaning up some of the food dropped by the giraffes!

Visit the zebra at Bristol Zoo Project

Peter and Florence live alongside the eland and giraffes in the Benoue National Park habitat.