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First sight of new brand

Posted on: 3 July, 2023

Press release

Bristol Zoological Society has revealed a new name and brand - marking a major milestone in our mission to save threatened wildlife. Our 136-acre Wild Place Project site is now officially Bristol Zoo Project.

It comes at a pivotal time in our 188-year history as we start our journey to build a new conservation zoo - where around 80 percent of animals will be linked to our global conservation work. 

Construction is expected to start in 2024 and will see the creation of new spaces for animals with new species, as well as visitor facilities, exciting play areas, and a conservation campus for students and vets, and the breeding of threatened animals. 

We’ll first build a new Central African Forest habitat for our troop of Western lowland gorillas (who currently live at the now-closed Bristol Zoo Gardens site). It will reflect their natural habitat as closely as possible and they will live with a new group of Endangered cherry-crowned mangabey monkeys. 

The area will also include Endangered African grey parrots, as well as Critically Endangered slender-snouted crocodiles and extremely rare species of West African fish.

Watch a video here.

New visual identities

To mark this exciting change, both Bristol Zoo Project and Bristol Zoological Society have new logos. 

Bristol Zoo Project and Bristol Zoological Society logos.Each focus on three letters - zoo. We were the first society to use the word in print and want to redefine the role of zoos in the 21st century.

They’ve been designed to evoke excitement about wildlife and encourage our visitors and the community to grow with us.

Justin Morris, our Chief Executive Officer, said: “We have been running a zoo in Bristol since 1836, so the name ‘Bristol Zoo Project’ reflects our past, as well as our future. But this is more than a zoo. It is a ‘Project’ with our visitors, partners and supporters to save wildlife together.”

We couldn’t have done it without our loyal members, supporters and visitors, who we engaged with throughout this process.

 Thank you to everyone who has given their time and is supporting us on this important journey.

This is just the beginning. Grow with us as we become Bristol Zoo Project. Join us on our mission of saving wildlife together. Find out more on our support page.