Ring-tailed lemur at Bristol Zoo Gardens

New Bristol Zoo

Our proposals for the development of the new Bristol Zoo.


Bristol Zoological Society will develop a new world-class Bristol Zoo at its Wild Place Project site on the northern edge of Bristol, which will set the standard for a modern, forward-looking zoo in the 21st century.

The new Bristol Zoo will open in 2024, offering spacious facilities, significant growth in conservation and education work and a ground-breaking, innovative visitor experience.

The masterplan for the new Bristol Zoo will not only provide for a more compelling visitor experience but also ensure that we deliver an expansion and growth of the infrastructure and facilities to support colleagues, the species at the zoo and an increased number of visitors. We will develop high-quality spaces that are sensitive and sympathetic to the landscape and provide innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and the environmental impact of what we do. We will also ensure a legacy at Bristol Zoo Gardens that we can all be proud of. The Zoo Gardens will live on. They will be a desirable address to live at. Set in beautiful gardens and surrounded by a rich heritage with stories to tell.

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The development of the New Bristol Zoo is part of our Strategy to 2035 which includes the sale of Bristol Zoo Gardens.

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Why are you moving Bristol Zoo?

Neil Green being interviewed on invasive weeds

There is a unique opportunity to re-frame the new Bristol Zoo, located on the northern fringe of Bristol, within our reimagined conservation charity. In starting with an almost blank piece of paper there is an opportunity to embed conservation research and fieldwork (in situ) with conservation breeding programmes (ex situ), engagement, education and outreach in the design and operation of the zoo and to use this opportunity to inspire and enable positive actions for wildlife in our visitors – a truly integrated and extended ‘one plan approach’ to wildlife conservation.

There is an opportunity to create a zoo with net zero carbon emissions and no negative impact on nature. Every aspect of the visitor experience will reinforce our conservation charity brand including the retail and catering. We will lead by example and connect all within the charity whilst creating a platform for new collaborations and partnerships.

The new Bristol Zoo will be ideally located for the next 185 years. Easily accessible, it will be a local, regional and national destination. It will be a destination for Bristol to match the ambition of the City and sit alongside other unique destinations such as Bristol Aerospace, The Wave and the YTL Arena Bristol.

The landscape of the Hollywood Tower Estate is characterised by a mosaic of habitats. It is inherently wild. It readily offers an opportunity to explore the interconnectedness of species, including humans. It is a space where ecology stories can be told rather than only zoology stories. The visitor will be immersed in this landscape as will the animals. Visitors will need to find the animals; they will need to explore and discover. They will experience the thrill of a chance encounter. They will experience wildlife without barriers in a range of wild places.

More information on our Strategy to 2035 can be found here.

Tower Meadow sunset at Wild Place Project
Bear climbing tree in Bear Wood

What are you planning for the new Bristol Zoo site?

A unique opportunity exists to deliver an environmentally sustainable
zoo that redefines what a zoo should be, connecting visitors with all that Bristol Zoological Society does as a modern conservation charity. As such, conservation research and fieldwork will connect with conservation breeding programmes, learning and medicine – combining to form an accessible education campus; whilst the visitor experience will be interwoven with the nature and wildlife of the landscape. Given its long history at the forefront of the development of zoos, Bristol Zoological Society is better placed than most to define what zoos should look like in the 21st Century.

HE students at Bristol Zoo Gardens
A young girl smiling and holding a zoo activity sheet

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