Children looking at bear in bear den at Bear Wood

Our vision

Strategy to 2035 - Bristol Zoological Society.

Strategic plan

Our vision

Our commitment to wildlife is centuries old and born out of a desire both to better understand life on our planet and to inspire people to engage with the fascination of nature. Today our mission is focussed on saving wildlife, not alone but together with all the people that we engage and inspire. Our vision is for wildlife to be a part of everyone’s lives and for people to want to, and be enabled to, protect wildlife now and for the future.

This Strategic Plan sets out our direction for the next 15 years, as we journey towards the bicentenary anniversary of Bristol Zoological Society in 2035. During this time the Society will become a more effective conservation charity that harnesses the benefits of conservation research and fieldwork, education and outreach, alongside the benefits of breeding and understanding the needs of animals, and public engagement with those animals. This period will achieve a fundamental shift to recognise the combined importance of these different aspects of the charity and a re-weighting of activity built on current and past conservation successes. Our ambitions are bold, as our challenges require a strength of vision that will ensure the long-term future of Bristol
Zoological Society.

Strategy to 2035 moodboard showing site plan and example photos of green spaces, a bear climbing a tree and people enjoying the outdoors,
Bristol Zoological Society Strategy to 2035 – Zoo in Nature, Nature in the Zoo moodboard

Success will depend fundamentally on the move of Bristol Zoo to the Wild Place Project site and the creation of a new world-class zoo for Bristol and the West of England. A unique opportunity exists to deliver an environmentally sustainable zoo that redefines what a zoo should be, connecting visitors with all that Bristol Zoological Society does as a modern conservation charity. As such, conservation research and fieldwork will connect with conservation breeding programmes, learning and medicine – combining to form an accessible education campus; whilst the visitor experience will be interwoven with the nature and wildlife of the landscape. Given its long history at the forefront of the development of zoos, Bristol Zoological Society is better placed than most to define what zoos should look like in the 21st Century.

Only from these foundations will we be able to grow and develop our already significant conservation and education programmes, both here in the UK and across the world, whilst influencing policy and decision-makers to ensure a sustainable future for wildlife and people. We must build on our existing partnerships and reach out to the diversity of audiences in our city and region and be prepared to work differently with new partners, supporters and funders who share our commitment to saving wildlife together.

Green-roofed building with glass front
Close up of tree monitor hatching

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