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Company membership

Enjoy year-round access to Bristol Zoo Project for you and your team. Businesses can purchase annual memberships for their employees, connecting them with nature, improving health and well-being and helping to save wildlife.

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Annual membership for your employees is a great way to show your company’s commitment to wildlife.

It’s suitable for businesses of any size, big or small, and is often the first step in a long-lasting relationship with our conservation and education charity.

To sign up or to find out more, fill in our enquiry form or email [email protected].

Company membership benefits

For your employees

  • Unlimited access to Bristol Zoo Project - Get outdoors and discover wildlife linked to conservation projects around the world, including giraffes, lynxes, lemurs and more.

  • An incredible day out with friends and family - Bring up to four guests at 20% discount.

  • Be in the know – Sign up for our newsletter and learn how you are helping to save wildlife.

  • Exclusive offers on retail - 10% discount available for use in the gift shop.

  • Access to exclusive membership events.

For your company

  • Team building days at Bristol Zoo Project - 10% discount on team away days with Leap of Faith.

  • Join our community - Your company logo on the Bristol Zoo Project website.

Download the company membership poster.

Frequently asked questions

Read our Company Membership Terms & Conditions for more info.

Company contacts

How do I join?

It’s easy! Contact the Corporate team via [email protected] who can start the ball rolling.

We’ll need to know the number of employees who are joining the scheme so that we can provide you with a quote.

Once we have the list of names from your company, we will print a letter for each member.

This will introduce them to the scheme, explain the additional benefits and how their membership is helping to save wildlife. We will also explain who they need to contact with a query.

Once printed – the letters will be sent to your business address provided, for you to distribute within your company.

At the bottom of each letter is a peel-off card with the employee’s name. They will need to bring this along with some photo ID to gain access to Bristol Zoo Project.

All cards will have an expiry date which can be agreed between us, you may have a particular date in mind, but it’s usually close to the invoice date.

We will provide a link for you to send out to individuals to sign up to receive exciting information on everything going on at the zoo, special offers, events and news stories.

Once ordered, we will send you an invoice, via email, for the number of cards ordered and include the £550 admin fee.

Please note that all prices are ex VAT.

How much does company membership cost?

Company membership costs £36+VATpp, plus a one-off £550 admin fee.

If we want to renew the following year, what is the process?

Lots of our company members have been with us for many years and we like to make the renewal process as easy as possible.

We will contact you approximately one month before your renewal due date with a reminder. Please confirm the employees for renewal and we will then invoice you for the number renewing plus the admin fee.

Is there a minimum order?

There is a minimum order of £1,000.

How do I order replacement membership cards?

If any of your team lose their card, please contact [email protected] with the name on the lost card and we will send you a new one.

Please encourage your staff to look after their cards as it does take time and money to replace them which we would much rather spend on saving wildlife! If we have to replace too many we will have to start charging full price for replacements.

How do I order additional cards?

For any new joiners to your company, please contact [email protected] with the names for the additional cards and we will print and send them to you. You will then receive an invoice for the additional cards only as there is no additional admin fee.

Can I get a refund on unused cards?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds on unused cards.

What should I do when a member leaves the company?

If possible, we request that you retrieve the company membership card from the employee before they depart, and destroy it.

How do I book Leap of Faith?

Simply contact our friends at Leap of Faith via their website and don’t forget to mention you are company members at Bristol Zoo Project; information and booking can be found here:

How can we further support Bristol Zoo Project?

We are always looking for businesses to work with to help us with our conservation and education work. There are so many benefits to partnering with us including delivering on your ESG goals, boosting your reputation through brand alignment and inspiring and motivating your staff and customers. We would love to meet with you and chat through the many options on offer, or if there is someone else in your company you think we should speak to, please let us know.

Individual member FAQs

How do I book a visit?

We advise that you book online to guarantee your entry, especially during busy periods such as school holidays. Please bring proof of your membership with you to show on the gate along with some photo ID.

What happens if I lose my card?

Please speak to your contact at your company and request a new card who will then forward the details to us. We will print a new one, which will be sent to your company contact.

Can I lend my card to someone else?

Your card is just for you to use and cannot be used by anybody else.

What if I leave my current employment?

If you have a Company Membership card, please return it to your contact responsible for administering the scheme in your company.

Can I get an additional card for a family member, friend or colleague?

Company membership is only available to employees of a company who have signed up for the scheme and no additional memberships can be purchased.

However, you receive 20% discount on any accompanying guests and you might like to consider buying membership for any interested family or friends if you plan to visit more than 4 times in a year.

Do I get free entry to other zoos?

Unfortunately we cannot offer free entry to other zoos for company members. This is because not many other zoos offer company membership so we are unable to do a reciprocal arrangement.

Who do I contact if I have an issue or query?

You will have a contact person within your company who is responsible for administering the scheme. If you have any queries, please contact them and they should be able to help you.

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